HALLOWEEN SONG - "ten thirty one"

"ten thirty one" is one of my more personal songs.  It's my love letter to Halloween and all the nostalgia and emotions the fall season brings.  Inspired by my memories of growing up in my old neighborhood, the leaves changing, carving jack o lanterns, my mom dressing up like a witch, the homemade costumes she made for me and my brothers, watching scary movies, and everything else that comes with the Halloween season.  There's even a nod to "John Carpenter's Halloween", one of my favorite movies of all time.

The song will also be featured in the new indie horror film "Honeyspider", which is being released in limited theaters October 18th.  It should also be noted that Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins lent the use of his song "honeyspider", which inspired the name of the film, to the movie free of charge.  That's pretty awesome.

This song will eventually be released on my next record, but I'm giving it away now as a little Halloween treat.  I'm offering it as a FREE or "name your price" download to my fans, or just to fans of the Halloween season in general.

I hope hearing it triggers the same nostalgia and emotions that I felt writing it.  Happy Halloween, everybody.

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