Heaven Help Us - COMING SOON

(Help "Heaven Help Us")
I was going to start one of those "Go Fund Me" profiles, but since I didn't need an absurd amount, I just set up an email address to my PayPal account. As an independent artist without a record label or a band to back me, I do everything myself. That includes recording, mastering, and paying to have the albums hosted on sites like iTunes and Amazon. On top of that, I also create the artwork for all of my albums. Now, I'm not asking you to feel sorry for me, only that if you have enjoyed the music that I have created over the years, and have a few spare dollars to donate, I would appreciate it greatly. Donations of 10 dollars or more will receive a link to download the album the day it comes out. Please make sure to attach the address you that would like it sent to. Send donations/Pre-Orders to theghostinyoumusic@gmail.com

Thank you so much, guys!
P.S. If I receive no donations, let us never speak of this again.



"ten thirty one" is one of my more personal songs.  It's my love letter to Halloween and all the nostalgia and emotions the fall season brings.  Inspired by my memories of growing up in my old neighborhood, the leaves changing, carving jack o lanterns, my mom dressing up like a witch, the homemade costumes she made for me and my brothers, watching scary movies, and everything else that comes with the Halloween season.  There's even a nod to "John Carpenter's Halloween", one of my favorite movies of all time.

 This song will eventually be released on my next record, but I'm giving it away now as a little Halloween treat.  I'm offering it as a FREE or "name your price" download to my fans, or just to fans of the Halloween season in general.  I hope hearing it triggers the same nostalgia and emotions that I felt writing it.  Happy Halloween, everybody! 


"we are selfish"

OH YOKO - music video

Listen to/purchase the entire 23 song album from American Laundromat Records

Now available is the Wes Anderson tribute album "I Saved Latin!" from American Laundromat Records.  An outstanding 23-song, double-CD featuring today's best artists covering songs from Bottle Rocket, Rushmore, Royal Tenenbaums, Life Aquatic, Darjeeling Limited, and more. Praised by SPIN, NME, TIME, Rolling Stone, Paste, NylonA.V. Club, NPR, and Pitchfork.

The album includes great artists such as Matt Pond, Juliana Hatfield, Phox, Saint Motel, The Generationals and much more!

This is my cover of John Lennon's "Oh Yoko", which was featured in the 1998 film, Rushmore.  Recorded and performed by myself at home.  Order your copy today on iTunes and Amazon etc.  Or directly through the ALR website.