THE GHOST IN YOU is musician and artist Billy Polard. Born and raised in the Philadelphia area, Billy started playing guitar at age 12, then began performing in bands with his friends and writing music in his spare time. His early musical influences were Sunny Day Real Estate, The Promise Ring, Jawbreaker, and The Smoking Popes. After purchasing a 4-track cassette recorder, he began to record his own music. With these recordings came the creation of “the ghost in you” and the release of his self-titled debut album.

Not able to find a record label, he self-published the ghost in you in May 2010. To promote the album, Billy generated three of his own music videos using an animation program on the Nintendo DSi handheld videogame system. Each video received thousands of views on YouTube and the videos and songs were featured on numerous music and animation websites, magazines, and television.

On October 1st, 2012, Billy’s much-anticipated sophomore album, wet wood, was released (also self-published). Written and recorded at home in his bedroom using only the built-in microphone on his iPad, wet wood offered a more personal, richer, darker, and deeper sound which can be heard in Polard's voice on every haunting track. The album hits a nerve and stays with you.

In 2016, Polard released his third full-length album, "Heaven Help Us" and it is by far his most personal. The album title and songs all share a common theme. "Heaven Help Us" is in many ways a desperate plea and love letter to a lost love that has never gone away.

The Ghost In You has been compared to artists like Iron and Wine, Elliott Smith, José González, Matt Pond, and Jeremy Enigk.

For booking, questions, or comments, contact polardproductions@gmail.com

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