"the shape" lyrics

I'm holding pain back inside of what you are.
I'm holding back all that I can take back to the grave.

This tired heart beats and it's hard enough to breath.
Cause when you go, you go on and I would save it for a while.

Time after time you will fly like a ghost inside my mind.
Night after night you survive and we hold our hopes so high.
And all the damage inside is aware that it can hide.
Sail out to sea with the tide like the pain that's placed this ghost inside my mind.

I'm home and safe, our body's never far.
I'll hold your place, I will lay here til the end of days.
You start to fade and I'm headed for the dark.
Cause when you go, you go.
Yeah, when you go, you go.

(Under chorus)
I will be the shape...

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