"long before computers" lyrics

Take me back to Willow Grove
My heart belongs to Hatboro
And I don't wanna sit here in this room
I am bored with parties and with you

But I know that I'll be leaving here tonight with my pride

Why can't we talk just like we did?
Like before when we were kids
We'd laugh all night and hang out in the street
About stupid things and girls we wanna meet

But I haven't spent a night like that with you for far too long

I know they say that I'm no fun
And that I'm not like everyone
But all you do is get fucked up anymore
The same thing that you did the night before

Sometimes I find it so hard to believe
That part of you was once a part of me
When I look up at photos on my wall that you're in
Maybe it was just time to grow up
Or maybe you've just flat out given up
Or maybe I just do not give a fuck, you'll say

I am staring at this sky
I am hoping I go blind
I am watching you decline
I am fine

And I feel like standing up on a rock that hasn't sunk
While I watch you floating by me
With your head up to catch your breath
I will kneel down to pull you in
But I reach out and lose my grip, or did I?

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